So excited to announce that in May 2015 I leased a professional studio space!!  YES!!  My prop addiction is now in full view of all that come to the studio!  It’s been fun to watch clients glance over at the prop room as they walk into the studio!  I have been photographing children and babies since 2009 so I’ve collected a lot of wonderful props!  I feel so blessed to be able to take my business to this new level and it’s because of all of the wonderful families that I have had the pleasure of meeting!  You’ll love my new space and I hope you get a chance to visit soon!  You’ll love all the new sets in my separate shooting area!  It’s amazing!

And don’t tell my husband I need an intervention…he already knows…

I get so many questions about Props…and do I provide them or do the parents bring their own props? Ummmm…yes I provide them and yes I have props..and more props…and more props… In this picture (for your viewing confusion) I’ve seamed two walls together. Try not to think of me as a sick hoarder…try to think how much I’ll have to choose from for your

Oro Valley Photo Studio

For my newborn sessions I use beanbag fabrics. I never know what colors are going to be requested so over the years I’ve collected a rainbow of different fabics in every color imaginable! Secretly I just love fabrics!

Oro Valley Photography Studio

All my cool cubbies…full of awesome goodies! Tucson Photography Studio Tucson Child Photos

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