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    Take a moment and reflect back to your favorite photographs, the ones that captured a sweet, unscripted glimpse of genuine happiness. These are the photographs you re-visit often to relive those all too fleeting moments of life. I want to share the joy I feel holding a photograph of a precious memory fixed in time. I would love to help you capture and preserve those time-less moments you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Tucson Christmas Pictures

I’ve so busy and haven’t had time to post….a little nuts over here!  But I had to jump on and show you a set for Christmas pictures…I’ve had a couple of Mom’s ask to see so they can plan outfits….I have one more rustic set that I’m finishing…time…time

Tucson Family Pictures

Isn’t she the cutest!! She always sits and poses for me…
Tucson Child Photo Studio

Tucson Child Photographer studio pictures

I love what we got with these adorable sisters!!
Tucson Photo Studio

Tucson Child poses for Christmas photos




Editing Update…..Tucson Family Pictures

Sweet little Paige….she just is hands down the cutest little baby!   But then wait until you see some other little ones I have waiting to post…

Editing like a crazy lady….I had computer issues (of course never fails when your swamped) and so getting going again after that fun fun delay.




Tucson Family Pictures

To say it has been crazy with family pictures would be an understatement!   I offered family mini sessions this year and its been so much fun!!   Trust me when you have small children you don’t want a full family session (not only for $$ reasons) because they don’t last longer than 30 to 45 mins anyways….

I just finished editing the first session of the busy fall so I wanted you to see what I could accomplish in about 40 mins…I could’ve cut it down to 30 mins but they were my last session and we had great light for the last little bit.   I’ve worked with this family several times since the little one was a newborn and so we were able to get them out of the shy stage really quick and get the relaxed fun stuff…Mr. Bridger is so funny with his expressions…cracked me up!!   They are one of my most favorite families LOVE them!!

Tucson Family PhotographerTucson Family picturesTucson Family christmas pictures
Tucson Family photographerTucson family poses for picturesTucson and Marana family picturesOro Valley family photographerTucson and Oro Valley family photographerTucson Family photographerFall20140126Fall20140127Fall20140128IMG_3703WIMG_3743WTucson family pictureswhy not!!

San Diego Wedding

I don’t photograph weddings….but with some arm twisting and my love for this gal I can be convinced.  It’s a ton of work whew……

This is what I did for my fall break…and then I came home and literally haven’t stopped with fall family sessions and 3 little ones that were born while I was gone…IMG_4754W