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    Take a moment and reflect back to your favorite photographs, the ones that captured a sweet, unscripted glimpse of genuine happiness. These are the photographs you re-visit often to relive those all too fleeting moments of life. I want to share the joy I feel holding a photograph of a precious memory fixed in time. I would love to help you capture and preserve those time-less moments you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Tucson Baby at 18 days old

Here’s a quick sneak peak for you of 18 day old Calia.   She was a little older than most newborns I photograph.  I could tell a little bit when trying to pose her of the difference…but love all the beautiful pictures we captured of these darling newborn baby.Calia0104WCalia0111WCalia0118WCalia0122WIMG_8013W



Newborn Baby Brooklyn

Just wait….you’re about to see the cutest little newborn baby Brooklyn.   Perfect skin…perfect lips and just perfect cute chunky cheeks…oh and that cute little nose…oh gosh!  Brooklyn was so beautiful!   Overload…when I get a baby this sleepy you end up getting a LOT of pictures  …but no complaints here  :)

Tucson baby poses in pink fur

She made the cutest little bear. Tucson Newborn Photographer

Oro Valley newborn baby photographer

My frog pose….adorable! Tucson Premier Newborn Baby Photographer

Marana Newborn Baby Photographer

This is always my favorite pose…I think they curled up like this in Mom’s tummy      Tucson Newborn Pictures

Oro Valley Photo Studio

Simple and sweet Marana Newborn baby Photographer

Oro Valley Child Photographer

Adding a little greenery… Tucson Top Newborn Baby Photographer

Oro Valley Studio

I know I just showed this pose…but she turned just a little in the frog pose and I loved it even more. Tucson Child Photographer

Tucson Top Newborn Photographer

Tucson Top Newborn Photographer

Tucson pictures of newborn baby

Love love this side shot…her cute nose just is so AAAAADORABLE!! Tucson Newborn Pictures

Tucson Baby pictures

Tucson Baby Pictures

Oro Valley Baby Photo Studio

Tucson Premier Newborn Baby Photographer Oro Valley Baby Photo Studio

Oro Valley Baby Photo Studio

I loved this picture with Daddy…her cute smile! Tucson Baby Photographer

Baby Pictures

Oro Valley Baby Photo Studio Tucson Baby Photographer


Tucson Newborn with Twin Brothers

How fun to see little newborn Wyatt for his newborn pictures and he brought his 2 year old twin brothers along.  Fun!  I really don’t know how Mom and Dad stay sane…I was tired!   Such a cute family of FIVE!

Tucson Newborn baby photographer

Such a fun picture! Twin brothers with a tiny baby to love on! Couldn’t be any cuter! Tucson Top Newborn Baby Photographer

Tucson Baby poses for pictures

Tucson Babies Tucson Baby Photographer

Tucson Baby photo

I love this one! Tucson Child Photographer



Cutest Grandbaby Pictures

Our little Ivy…Where has the year gone?  It’s flown by and next month she will reach the fun 1 year milestone!  Check back in late July to see what I’ve been working on for her cake smash!!  LOVE! IMG_8233WIMG_8231W