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    Take a moment and reflect back to your favorite photographs, the ones that captured a sweet, unscripted glimpse of genuine happiness. These are the photographs you re-visit often to relive those all too fleeting moments of life. I want to share the joy I feel holding a photograph of a precious memory fixed in time. I would love to help you capture and preserve those time-less moments you'll treasure for a lifetime.


Cute and adorable with those big blue eyes Harper is so fun to photograph!  Loved the colors for her One year birthday session and even though she was stingy with her smiles she just melts me with that precious face! 1yr0005W1yr0007W1yr0010W1yr0013W1yr0014W1yr0016W1yr0020W1yr0021W1yr0024W1yr0025W1yr0026W7C8A5543W7C8A5722W7C8A5834W

Happy Birthday America!

I snuck away for some family time this week YAY!  But do not fear… I’ve got Megan’s laptop and so I’m going to attempt to catch-up on website postings.  I’m seriously so behind…it’s shameful!  Once again, I’ll be back-dating a ton of stuff ….so please go back a couple of months so you don’t miss anything adorable!

Here’s Megan and her adorable family to get you in the holiday mood…Ivy is just such a pro at pictures…she knows exactly what to do…grab Mommy’s hand…grab Dad’s hand and give Grammy (yep that’s my name lol)  a great big smile!  And then hang so she can be swung…she loves to do that!   Adore her so much! 7C8A7731W


Cutest Tucson Twins

I feel pretty lucky that I have it so easy.  I mean…No 100 diaper changes a day..I sleep all night..I don’t have fussy babies to calm..3 babies under the age of 2….Whew!  I’m tired just thinking about how the next several months are going to be for this family!  But oh the blessings that will come!  It really makes the hard years worth it.  Just take a deep breath and stay calm…it ends way too quickly!  WEB0001WEB0002WEB0003WEB0004WEB0005WEB0006WEB0007WEB0008



My latest little boy newborn baby Aden.  So cute…and ready for a good game of golf with his Daddy.  Dad is a golf pro here in Tucson so of course we had to add in those touches for our newborn photo session.  7C8A4928WAden0003WAden0004W