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    Take a moment and reflect back to your favorite photographs, the ones that captured a sweet, unscripted glimpse of genuine happiness. These are the photographs you re-visit often to relive those all too fleeting moments of life. I want to share the joy I feel holding a photograph of a precious memory fixed in time. I would love to help you capture and preserve those time-less moments you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Tucson Vintage Baby

A little outdoor fun for Ivy’s first birthday celebration photos. It was one of those birthdays that lasted a whole week.  Party for little for family…So I promise this is the last.  I do have other

I love her cubby little cheeks...she is always so cute when Grandma pulls out the camera!

I love her cubby little cheeks…she is always so cute when Grandma pulls out the camera!


Tucson Vintage Baby Photographer

Our little Ivy!  She’s ONE!  I can’t believe how the year has flown by!  I wanted the Candy/Ice Cream shoppe theme for these pictures and love how it turned out!!

Tucson Cake Smash Pictures

She loves sticking out her tongue!! Tucson Baby Photographer Tucson One Year Old Birthday Pictures

Tucson Child Photographer

I had so much fun making this backdrop. A little bit of sewing and viola…it was so cute! I’ll use it again and again for those cute little girls! Tucson Baby Photos Oro Valley Baby Photographer

marana baby photographer

I have to say this is my favorite! She had frosting and cake everywhere! Tucson Child Photographer

Tucson Vintage Baby

She has been trained well for having her picture taken! I love vintage baby set-ups for pictures! Tucson Vintage Baby Photographer

Tucson Baby Photographer

We weren’t at all surprised that Ivy loved cake! She is never one to miss out on eating!